Birdwatching Safaris

Bird watchingWe are intent on providing our customers with a thoroughly worthwhile experience in which they not only see as many birds as possible but also take away new knowledge on such subjects as migration, identification, moult/ageing and fieldcraft.

By using highly experienced guides and local contacts we are able to ensure that the very most is made of each tour and we leave nothing to chance.

Our costs are kept as low as possible without compromising on quality. In a business with traditionally high prices we believe this really sets us apart and proves why we are the best choice for the budget conscious travelling birder.

Please feel free to browse the pages of our website. We hope you find the right tour for you.

Birding safaris offered by Silent-fliers-of-Kenya are designed in such a way that it will allow our clients the opportunity to sample our unique rich birdlife in terms of their geographical distribution and habitat. Ranging from fragment of tropical rain and montane forest, fresh water, semi-alkaline and alkaline lakes located in the heart of the Great Rift Valley, semi arid bushes and the sweeping savannas. All these habitats combined together provide you with the most memorable birding safari you have ever had! Our birding tour leaders are local residents with ornithology expertise and have great experience in leading birding groups around Kenya. They assist the guest in sorting out bird identification, location and navigating the birding sites. At Silent-fliers-of-Kenya safaris, we prefer watching the birds at our guests’ pace hence; improving on quality viewing and accurate identification of species, from over 1100 species we have in Kenya.. Depending on the birding route that you choose, the number of species seen ranges from approximately, over 300 species for shorter routes and over 700 species for longer routes.